NAVH offers an extensive inventory of self-catering accommodation in the USA and Canada (see below). Our top destinations in the USA include Florida, New York, California and New England. NAVH also offers a range of product in some of the key cities and other areas such as Yosemite National Park, South Carolina and Hawaii. We also have inventory in Canada, in particular the areas of Vancouver, Toronto and Quebec.

From rustic lodges in National Parks, to private homes with pools in Florida, from apartments in New York to homes in Marco Island, NAVH offers a diverse portfolio of self-catering accommodation to suit all budgets:

Reasons for choosing Self-Catering

1. Staying in a home always you to social distance and relax in the knowledge that the home is exclusively yours.
2. A home away from home allowing customers to feel more relaxed and comfortable in their surroundings.
3. Self-catering accommodation can be more spacious than hotel rooms so are a great choice for families or larger groups. Communal living spaces mean that it’s not just a place to sleep, everyone can socialise and there is enough room if people need their own space too!
4. Self-catering accommodation can be the best value for money option with NAVH pricing per apartment or home rather than per person.
5. Self-catering allows clients to budget if necessary. Fully equipped kitchens mean customers can cook a delicious meal or prepare a packed lunch rather than always eating out.
6. Relax and dine in your own outdoor space, no need to share sun loungers!
7. Homes and apartments offer a more relaxed environment as well as convenience and flexibility. If guests want a lie in they can! Guests are not restricted to set meal times and can choose to eat breakfast or dinner at a time that suits them.
8. Great for children! They can be fed and watered on demand or put to bed in their own room whilst mum and dad can relax in the lounge or on the pool deck with a chilled drink.
9. Live like a local. Self-catering accommodation often makes guests more adventurous since they are more immersed in the local lifestyle, community and culture.
10. Self-catering accommodation comes in many different styles and locations. Apartments, condos, private homes, townhomes, chalets, cabins, lodges, cottages. Locations vary from the normal tourist traps, to residential areas and off the beaten track