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About NAVH

As a leading global supplier of self-catering accommodation in North America, NAVH knows the travel industry like few others. Long lasting partnerships and collaboration have seen us through the best and the hardest of times, and today we are bigger and better than ever.

Clean Neighborhood

The North American Vacation Homes Story

Where it began

Back in the 1980s company founder, Brian Slater, had a home in Orlando and came up with the novel idea of renting it out to British holidaymakers.


His first bookings came from a small advert in a local newspaper but it soon became clear there was a demand for this type of self-catering holiday.

The early days

Working from his home in the UK, Brian partnered with an Orlando home management company that had the vision to come on board for this exciting new project.

From selling one home he was now selling 10 homes, and North American Vacation Homes was born.

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City at Night
The 1990s

In 1990 NAVH approached a UK tour operator and the concept was an immediate hit. From that moment NAVH found its groove, pulling together management companies in Orlando and putting in the hard work so that tour operators could focus on the selling.

In 1991 NAVH started selling properties on Florida's Gulf Coast.

Up to today

Since the early 2000s plenty of other companies have tried to replicate the success of NAVH, but none have come close to matching our unique selling points

  • Always B2B-only. No consumer facing brand to compete with our own customers

  • Unique range of high-end and quirky product

  • Best in class levels of service and customer care

And Brian is still a part of the business today, some 35 years after it all started

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